Frequently asked questions below.

Pilgrim Vision e.V.

Pilgrim was our family dog. He got his name not for religious reasons.  We gave him the name Pilgrim, because we believe in the idea that everything in life and all of us are part of a long “pilgrimage”. Pilgrim inspired our lives for almost one decade with his unconditional love and happiness. As he passed away, we knew that whatever good we will do in life we want to do in his name. Through the work in Pilgrim Vision e.V. we keep his spirit, devotion and love alive.

We are raising funds for our projects mainly through memberships and private donors. We are looking forward to cooperate with more companies, who help us with their knowledge, infrastructure and finances. Meanwhile, we focus to cooperate with other NGO’s and governmental institutions to raise more funds.

We are always looking for supportive members and volunteers.  As a supportive member you support us with monthly membership fees (5€). If you want to volunteer, you can help us with your skills and talents. Even if you are not based in India or Gaza and cannot volunteer on the direct implementation of projects, you can still enrich our team with your individual abilities. Our volunteer team is spread all over the world and people from various professional backgrounds are helping us to achieve our goals (Film makers, Graphic Designers, IT-professionals, Editors, Fundraising strategists, PR, Musicians…).

If you have any idea how to support us, just let us know. We are enlightened by the idea to combine various skills to improve and enrich our projects and the people we work with.

No. The Pilgrim Vision e.V. is registered under German law, which says that charitable organizations have to be completely independent from these types of institutions. We are not linked to any religious, cultural or governmental group/institution, though we surely respect all religions, cultures and nationalities and our volunteers are spread all over the world from different cultural and religious backgrounds.



Pilgrim Vision e.V. is a charitable association registered under German law in Berlin, Germany. In India we are registered under non-profit trust law.

We cooperate with existing companies (our Project Managers in India and Gaza) to implement our social aid projects. The founders and volunteers who are working on the direct planning and implementation of social aid projects for Pilgrim Vision e.V.  are working 100% free. We keep the advertisement and administration costs as low as possible and often generate funds by ourselves to pay for them. Almost 100 % of donations are being used directly for projects. Since we are trying to create an impact on people in developing countries in the longterm, we are planning to employ disabled / handicapped people there to work for us, which gives them a chance to find a job opportunity. For example the water can distribution in India is being handled and managed by blind / physical disabled staff.


Tax receipts (Germany only) are available upon request at . The German law accepts annual donations up to 200 Euros with a bank account statement for tax declarations. Above 200 Euros the applicant needs a tax receipt. Contact us if you wish to get it. Donors who donate directly through will receive a tax receipt from betterplace.