Food distribution

11 August, 2016 India, Causes
Malnutrition as well as a lack of healthy food are omnipresent in India. Especially in the rural areas. Many families are too poor to provide more than one meal a day.
·15,2% of the population is undernourished 
·194 million Indians go hungry to bed every day
·58% of children stunted by 2 years of age 
·3000 children die every day from poor diet related illness 

Food distributions  for children

Pilgrim Vision e.V. distributes food in the rural villages of Rajasthan and to street kids. In India, millions of children are undernourished and thousands die every day from poor diet related illness. The bags are filled with bananas, apples, wholewheat biscuits, nuts, sandwiches and juices. It is important for us that the children get a nutritious, healthy and rich in vitamins meals during their school days. With workshops, open talks, and educational programs we try to establish a platform where communities can get information about healthy nutrition. We show them sustainable and affordable ways and options to improve their living conditions.

Our aim is to produce as less waste as possible. That’s why we delivered steel plates to the children in the villages, instead of paper bags. During our distributions the children come with their own steel plates and collect their foods. 

Pilgrim Vision e.V. Food Distribution

Pilgrim Vision e.V. Donate a meal

Don’t waste!- Donate!

Don’t waste- Donate!  is a new project we recently started. In a country where the rich-poor divide is strong and while millions splurge on good food, we find it unacceptable that even more millions of children have to go to bed hungry without enough food or nutrition. That’s why we started a food donation program in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Too much food is ending up on Indian streets, in rivers and fields. Our team of Udaipur residents collects regularly left-overs from neighborhoods, restaurants, supermarkets and hotels. With their bicycles and scooters they drive through the city, always on the hunt for good and fresh food which should not end up in the garbage. Our volunteers bring the collected food to the main bus stop in Udaipur to distribute it to the needy, homeless and day labour:

  • After a hard day’s work with poor payment and no food, the labour can head back on a long journey to their poor villages and have the chance to provide their families with food. 
  • Homeless can also get their first meal of the day.

If you are a resident of Udaipur, a hotel-, restaurant-, or shop owner and you would like to contribute to our project, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time at