Clean water

12 November, 2016
In India the ground water is loaded with bacteria and contaminants. Without being filtered the water leads to serious harmful diseases, such as Cholera and Diarrhoea 

• 76 million people have no access to clean water at all

• Over 770 million people don’t have access to adequate sanitation in India

• More than 140,000 children die every year from preventable water-related diseases


Our aim is to install water filters in schools. It is necessary for the health of the children and teenagers because they do not have any other access to water all day long. Hundreds of students can benefit from our water filter machines and have access to clean and safe water. A part of our work is to educate the students in their early childhood to make them understand the importance of safe and clean drinking water.

In many places, faeces and water supplies are not separated and facilities are often expensive. In the rural India, people have neither no financial background for new facilities nor can they maintain them due to the difficult infrastructure. 600 million Indians live in rural areas, most of them in rough and poor conditions. The infrastructure is difficult and underdeveloped. The installation of water filters in these areas is important, because the death rate of water-related diseases is very high. Therefore water filters are the basis for a healthier life. Our water filters can be installed directly on taps in houses or on wells and water tanks.           

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Water distribution

We want to provide clean drinking water to everyone. That’s why we invested into a longterm system with which we can pump our groundwater by ourself. With the help of big machines, which filter the groundwater, we are able to pump around 2000 liters of clean water per day. We bottle the filtered, clean and cold water into 20 liter cans and provide it to people who have no access to water at all.

One 20 liter can costs in our own production converted 0,40 €.

Water points

Additionally, we set up distribution points where people in need have direct access to clean water. Our water distribution team consists of physically or mentally disabled volunteers. Every day, hundreds of people benefit from the clean drinking water. Children on their way to school, taxi drivers who often do not drink for many hours in India’s heat, labors who work the whole day often physically very hard and of course the poor, the homeless and the elderly living on the streets.