Pilgrim Vision

Who we are…

Pilgrim Vision e.V. is a charitable organization which works for neglected communities in developing countries, beginning with India and Gaza. We want to support them with individual projects and programmes which allows them to live a better life. Our focus lies on renewable energies, food distribution and access to clean water. 


Pilgrim Vision

Breaking circles…

The focus of our work is to break the circle of poverty, lack of education, illness, and social injustice. Our work for and with different communities in different parts of the world gives these people a chance for self-dependence, because we don’t only provide them with facilities, we also give them the knowledge and education they need to live a self-determined life. 



Pilgrim Vision


We work with NGO’s, charities, and community leaders to provide the best possible support. By involving local businesses and workers we are increasing regional job opportunities. Whenever possible we give underprivileged, handicapped and disabled people a chance for a basic income by asking them to participate and work in our projects. 


Education is the most powerful instrument to change the world. The greatest contribution to poverty and underdevelopment is lack of education. Education is not only a human right but somehow a passport to human development. It opens doors and expands opportunities and freedom. It contributes to fostering peace, democracy and economic growth as well as improving health and reducing poverty. The ultimate aim of all our projects is sustainable development for the communities we serve- which includes education! 

Renewable energy

In many developing countries power supplies are very poor or not even existing at all. Most of these poor regions are in parts of the world where natural resources, like solar energy, can be used. We take this very promising opportunity to help people in these regions to have a continuos and reliable electrical power supply. Therefore renewable energy does not only provide a stable power supply but also has a sustainable impact on our environment. 

Food distribution

Malnutrition as well as a lack of healthy food are omnipresent in wide parts of the developing world. Many families are too poor to provide more than one meal a day to their children. Most of them do not eat throughout the day and get their first meal only for dinner at home. We distribute food bags to the children in our projects. The bags are filled with juice, nuts, wholewheat biscuits, sandwiches, bananas and apples. It is important for us that the children get a nutritious, healthy and rich in vitamins snack during their school day. 

Clean water

Water is not only a human right, it is the fundament for life. The groundwater in developing countries is often polluted and contaminated with bacterias, sewerage and pollutants. Unfiltered water can lead to serious diseases. That’s why water filters are life-saving and important for the daily life. Every year millions of people still die from water-related preventable diseases like cholera and diarrhea. Our work focuses on the installation and maintenance of water filter systems which provide clean drinking water as a longterm solution for neglected communities.